The mission

To make the best Russian medical products. Contribute to the development of the world by creating tools to facilitate cardiac surgery.

The concept

Our goal is to become the most customer-oriented company in the world; to create a company where doctors and patients can find all the equipment for the best operations and health.


The movement is urgent and purposeful.
Our users trust us with their money, reputation, and lives. If we make mistakes, miss deadlines, or slow down work, it matters in the lives of specific people. We take this responsibility seriously.

Think strictly.
It is important for us to be right, and for this we often have to proceed from the first principles.

Global optimization.
Newman does what is best for the medical organization in general and the individual in particular.

Newman service.
With the help of the tools that we create, we want to push the world towards a longer duration of a happy and comfortable life.

We are micropessimists, but macrooptimists. We believe that the world can be a better place, and we are working to achieve this goal.

Social significance.
NewMan is aware of its responsibility to society and our work is aimed at improving health and well-being. We strive to contribute to the field of healthcare and make the world a healthier and safer place.

The movement is urgent and purposeful.
We understand that time is of great importance in medicine, so the company is working urgently and purposefully to ensure fast and effective treatment of patients.

Dmitry Ognerubov, surgeon, author of developments and CEO of Newman Technologies

NewMan Positioning

Newman is your reliable partner in creating innovative medical solutions. We ensure safety and efficiency by offering customer-oriented technologies for better operations and overall well-being. Our products are not only advanced medical instruments, but also taking care of your health in a daily routine.
The company positions itself as a reliable partner in the creation of innovative medical solutions. This means that NewMan has a high level of expertise and experience in the field of medicine and the development of medical instruments.
NewMan is committed to ensuring the safety and effectiveness of its products. This means that the company thoroughly tests and verifies its products to ensure that they meet quality and safety standards.
Customer orientation
Customer orientation
NewMan is customer-oriented and offers technologies that meet customer needs. This means that the company pays special attention to the needs of customers and develops products that help them achieve their goals.
Health care
Health care
NewMan positions itself as a company that cares about the health of its customers not only in medical fields, but also in everyday life. This means that the company offers products that help maintain health and energy throughout the day.