The finalist of the “Leaders of Russia” has developed a medical bracelet to stop bleeding after intravascular operations

Dmitry Ognerubov, a finalist of the track “Healthcare” of the fourth season of the Leaders of Russia management competition – the flagship project of the presidential platform “Russia is a Country of Opportunities” – has created a medical device that allows you to quickly stop bleeding after intravascular interventions and at the same time maintain the patency and functionality of the radial artery. The developer plans to launch production in Russia and further supply the medical device to the markets of the EAEU and BRICS countries.

The finalist of the track “Healthcare” of the fourth season of the Leaders of Russia management competition is 29–year-old endovascular surgeon Dmitry Ognerubov (Moscow) created a radial artery compression device after intravascular surgery. A domestic development called Newman (NEW MANner of artery compression) has a number of significant advantages over foreign analogues from Japan and the USA. In particular, it reduces the likelihood of occlusion of the radial artery by five times (that is, its closure due to thrombosis), involves the imposition and removal of the device by a nurse, and in addition, the Russian product is 2.5 times cheaper than foreign analogues.

“Intravascular operations, such as installing stents for the arteries of the heart or other large arteries of the body, are usually performed through the radial artery on the arm. After surgical interventions, a hole about two millimeters in size remains in it, which must be closed. Now they use a simple bandage with a roller for this purpose. But the main problem is that in this way, not only does the bleeding stop, but in every fifth patient, the radial artery itself closes forever. And people sometimes need to carry out up to six such procedures during their lifetime,” he explained Dmitry Ognerubov. – Our device is made in the form of a bracelet and contains an additional air cushion that squeezes the ulnar artery, increasing the speed of blood flow through the radial artery, which prevents its closure.”

It took Dmitry Ognerubov about four years to create a radial artery compression device. “Patients come to me when they have heart pain and vascular problems in order to become healthy again and forget about the fear of death. I save 400 lives every year, and I want to help a lot more people, so I decided to develop innovative domestic medical devices,” he said. – I started thinking about creating a radial artery compression device when I was working on my PhD thesis. There was quite a long period of prototyping and six unsuccessful samples… Then the device started working, and I started looking for investments.”

Research and design work was carried out with the funds of a grant from the Fund for the Promotion of Small Enterprises in the Scientific and Technical Field (Bortnik Foundation). In the future, Dmitry Ognerubov is going to apply for a new grant from the same fund to commercialize his project: “I plan to apply for a grant from the Bortnik Foundation under the Commercialization program for 20 million rubles, I will contribute the second half from my own funds and attracted investments.”

Partners from China helped the Russian developer to produce prototypes. In a year, he plans to launch a full production cycle of his device in Moscow. “Our production will be located on the territory of the Strogino Technopark or in the Technopolis Moscow special economic zone – at sites in Tekstilshchiki or Zelenograd. It’s already been decided. The starting production area will be 120 sq. m. meters. Then we plan to expand – we will also make prostheses for aortic bifurcation and a device for stopping bleeding from distal radial access, which clinics in the capital have already become interested in,” Dmitry Ognerubov said.

By November 2022, the developer plans to complete the procedure for state registration of its medical device in the EAEU, which will allow the device to be supplied to the countries of the Union, and in parallel is preparing documents for entering the market of Brazil, China and India.
At the end of 2022, pilot studies of the radial artery compression device will begin in Moscow. As Dmitry Ognerubov explained, this is necessary to gain the trust of the Russian and international medical communities. The study will involve 400 patients of the N. V. Sklifosovsky Research Institute of Emergency Medicine, the I. V. Davydovsky, S. S. Yudin and V. V. Veresaev city clinical hospitals. “After intravascular interventions, our bracelet will be applied instead of the usual bandage. This way we will additionally evaluate the convenience of the device for doctors and patients, as well as the possibility of a risk of complications. The results will be published in reputable medical publications so that everyone will know about them and the world community will accept us,” he said Dmitry Ognerubov.

In the fourth season of the Leaders of Russia management competition, more than five thousand applications were submitted from all over the country to participate in the Healthcare track, 11 people became track winners and superfinalists, four of them were among the winners of the competition in May 2022.